Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your Real Estate Investor Association

45 new real estate investors, about half of them new members of the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound, showed up last Saturday to learn about jump-starting their investment careers. Rich Dad University is one of several training services that recommends that new real estate investors find and join their local real estate investment association.


The answers to that question were explored in depth in our half-day orientation at the Lake City library in Seattle, which I organize and host quarterly. This was our second half-day orientation. The next one will be December 3, from 10:30am to 1 pm at the same location. The orientation is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome! And there are free bonuses for pre-registering at

Our speakers were all practicing real estate investors in this local market, from the most novice to the most senior, investing in a variety of real estate both locally and out of state in other markets. New investors have the opportunity to learn from and to meet these investors, who are active with our local real estate investor association.

They learned that there is more to joining the local association than just going to meetings and networking (although education and networking are the two biggest reasons to join!). They learned about opportunities to be visible and raise their own profile before other investors; about how to use tools like our members-only message board to ask questions, find contractors, or sell properties; about how to get discounts on accounting programs, insurance, paint and other contractor supplies; about where to find books, tapes and DVDs on specific real estate investing topics, and much more.

They learned about ways to take advantage of their membership, in order to cover their annual dues payment, while at the same time taking off in their investing career. As a volunteer, membership dues are covered! I volunteered as soon as I joined REAPS, and today serve as the volunteer membership coordinator.

If you would like to learn more about real estate investing, feel free to message me privately. And mark your calendar for 10:30am - 1pm, Saturday, December 3 at the Lake City library in Seattle!

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