Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Offers!

I submitted seven offers on NWMLS properties today, on behalf of my company Home Land Seattle.

If you want to own real estate, you've got to be making offers!

Many of these offers may end up becoming wholesale deals to cash buyers, if the sellers choose cash terms. Those with the most favorable terms that work for me, I will keep.

If you are a cash buyer looking for some great cash deals in Seattle, let me know. If you have unsecured retirement funds that are earning less than 7% interest, talk to me. I am finding deals, especially for those with cash ready. And I can always use more private funds to buy them with!

I am making lots of offers. I expect more NOs than YESes, but that is part of the process.

Hang in there, do your homework, and make offers!

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