Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Call the Police!

Do not attempt property management without a healthy sense of humor! It can humble even the most logical of minds. My most recent haha moment as a property manager came yesterday, as the blind and deaf couple I was evicting (another long story we will skip for now) was finally vacating the house.

"Please don't call the police," came the message relayed by their advocate, helping them move. The deadbeat relative against whom there is a No Contact Order, was helping them move, with their permission! This, the deadbeat relative who I had arrested TWICE before for violating the No Contact Order. I would have had him arrested a third time, but he refused to answer the door when the police showed up.

It seems I was the only one who ever called the police to report this violation. No one else bothered. Not the "victims," not the daughter, not the advocates (who also never returned my calls).

The police department was usually baffled when I called: "WHO are you again? You aren't the victim? Why are you calling??"

But shout out to Detectives Nadine Fiorini and Elizabeth Litalien who somehow took my efforts seriously enough (after weeks of trying to get through to someone, ANYONE, who would care) to validate that there was indeed a No Contact Order against the guy living in the house with my tenants.

Go figure....

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