Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lease-Purchase Homes Tour in Seattle

Three of the five houses on our FREE Sunday Tour of Seller-Financed Homes for sale in Seattle tomorrow are rent-to-own, or lease-purchase options. These houses can always be bought with cash or a conventional mortgage, but the sellers have also agreed to consider offering this creative form of seller financing.

Here are ten reasons a seller may consider offering this type of financing:

1. The seller can receive top sales price for her property without haggling.

2. There is large market available at all times of the year.

3. Higher quality of tenants because these are REALLY buyers who plan on someday owning this property.

4. Higher rent than usual for the market area.

5. Non-refundable down payment, which is the seller's to keep.

6. Tenant/buyer is responsible for all minor maintenance.

7. Seller remains on the deed. It’s still the seller's property until the option is exercised.

8. Seller retains tax shelter.

9. Seller continues to enjoy all of the tax advantages (check with tax advisor for details).

10. No lengthy vacancies. Have a new tenant buyer in the home in weeks, not months!

For more information on Sunday's Tour of Seller-Financed Homes in Seattle tomorrow, call 888-621-4999 x4.

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