Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Year Wiser

Yesterday I celebrated yet another birthday, and like to think that I am making progress in my life, not just getting older. I believe that my pursuit of real estate is a new intellectual challenge that will lead to financial freedom down the road. And that I am continually challenging myself to learn and grow in this complex and many-faceted field.

This morning I heard a report on NPR that fully a third of all home sales in the first quarter of this year were foreclosure properties. I have yet to verify whether that is the case here in King County (I doubt it, although there are certainly more foreclosures now than in recent memory).

Buyers are bargain hunting in this economy, and who can blame them? Bargains are out there. Financial rewards will come to those who are not afraid to make a move now, and buy while prices are low, interest rates are low, and inventory is plentiful. Take your pick right now. I can send you a list of properties in Seattle priced under $300K, many in very desirable neighborhoods, most with great upside potential for buyers who are not afraid of a little sweat equity.

Those buyers who are not afraid of stepping in while others wait will be the ones ten years from now, smiling at their good fortune.

Life is full of risks. Risks and choices. We learn this as we grow older - and yet, so many people just stop growing. They become afraid to take risks. They grow old.

Me? I am still searching for that fountain of youth. I am trying to eat right (mostly), exercise daily, and stretch my mind. I am engaged in living. I am another year wiser.

And looking for partners who are interested in plunging into real estate with the same passion for future-building as I have. Please contact me if you are looking for ways to grow financially in real estate, and I'll send you my lists of great bargains and opportunity....

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