Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working with an equity partner

As a fellow investor, I am also interested in networking with other investors. Please let me know about your investment needs and wants. I am looking for equity partners interested in investing in Seattle area single family and small multifamily homes. I work with two types of equity partners. One type is the person who can qualify for a mortgage, while I pay the out-of-pocket expenses and do the work necessary to prepare an investment property for sale or rental. This works well for people that have good incomes from a job, are looking for additional tax deductions, but have limited time to invest.
Another type of equity partner has time, but limited funds to invest. They may want to learn about investing, while they help me locate and acquire properties that we will own as partners. The percentage of ownership will vary, depending on the time and expertise they have available to commit. I train these partners, and they work under my supervision. As a broker, I can also supervise investors who are planning to work as real estate investing agents and property managers.
And of course, I am always on the hunt for property to buy and for private lenders who are looking for a better rate of return for their funds than they can make on their IRAs or bank deposits.
If you, or someone you know, may be interested in some of these options, please let me know!

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