Friday, February 12, 2010

Sell first? or Buy first?

This is a classic dilemma for today's homeowner, hoping to take advantage of the move-up homebuyer tax credit before the deadline of April 30, 2010. If the homeowner sells their existing house now, they may end up with no house until they can buy a new one. Or they may not be able to sell in today's market, and then they might end up with two mortgages. Certainly a deferred closing date might help, in the event their current house sold quickly, but a prospective buyer might back out before the homeowner could close on their new home.

My Move-Up Purchase Program addresses this problem by guaranteeing the homeowner of a sale on their existing home, so that they can purchase their new home and take advantage of the move-up homebuyer tax credit, and today's low interest rates. The Program is available to clients who buy their new house through me as their Buyer's Agent. For more details on how this program works, please email me privately at, including your name and the address of the current property you own.

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