Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seattle Rent-to-Own Option

This is an unlisted property that I am currently marketing for a client located at 9959 14th Court South in Seattle:

Use your sweat equity and imagination to make this cosmetic fixer your dream home! Instant equity! Purchase price of $220,000 is below today's tax-assessed value of $229,000 and Zillow's Zesstimate of $231,500! Low down payment of just $5000!

Purchase Terms:
Purchase Price: $220,000
Lease Term: Two years
Non-refundable option fee (applied to purchase price): $4500
Refundable security deposit (applied to purchase price if option is exercised): $500
Monthly rent: $1450
Monthly rent credit for on-time payments (applied to purchase price): $100

Lease option buyers must be pre-qualified with our lender, but may use any lender of choice. For more details on how you can own this home, contact me at or call 888-621-4999 x3 or by leaving a comment below. For more information, see

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