Monday, February 8, 2010

My Lead Referral Program

This is how I can pay marketing associates who refer qualified leads to me for the purchase of any of my properties, including the one at 2525 Rocky Point Rd in Bremerton. I will pay $25 for each qualified lead. "Qualified" means that I have contact information, name, address, phone and/or email; that they have expressed a genuine interest in the property; and that they have sufficient financial resources to close a transaction at the listed price. People who refer leads to my company become team members that I consider to be "marketing associates," and it is my desire that they continue to procure warm leads. I also offer marketing associates 3%equity in the property, should it successfully close with a lead that has been referred to me by that associate.

Contact me for more details on how to become a Marketing Associate with Home Land Investment Properties Inc.

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