Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Buy Houses!

You think you are ready to sell your home, but you are tired of the looky-loos who parade through with no intention to buy. You don't really want to invest in improvements that may or may not increase resale value, and you are terrified of the nightmare of buyers backing out when you have a binding contract with the perfect home, and now are watching your dreams tumble away. Perhaps your situation has suddenly become dire through the threat of foreclosure, or the trauma of divorce. You are panicked as you may have to struggle to pay two mortgages when the promised sale dissolves. This does not have to happen. Your old options of selling your home yourself, or using a realtor with all those fees, have now been made obsolete by the perfect new solution- I will buy your home outright, as is, for a fair price. I am a serious buyer. No fees, no repairs, easy sale, no hassles, immediate cash.....I am an investor who prefers to deal in real estate rather than stocks and bonds. I eliminate your stress by assessing your goals and situation, offering quick sale with no fees, expert handling of all paperwork, and paying all closing costs. You have nothing to lose by calling me, and I can give you an offer within 48 hours. For your home, I offer a fair price, for your peace of mind.... priceless. Call me today at 888-621-4999 or email

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